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Local to West Orange, New Jersey, Howard Davner is an experienced financial entrepreneur, equity trader, and portfolio manager. With a career spanning over 25 years in the financial industry, Howard has held some impressive titles. The majority of his career was spent on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs. In this fast-paced environment and highly coveted role of Vice President, Howard managed and coordinated breakout trading situations and takeovers, designed an algorithm trading platform, executed human resources functions, and more. Due to his rigorous work ethic, he was consistently ranked among the top ten percent for annual peer and management review and was selected to trade marquee issues for the firm.

Throughout his long career on Wall Street, Howard Davner built an extensive portfolio of accomplishments. He established a particular reputation for himself, as he was known for continuously handling increasing responsibilities by earning a fast-track promotion to New York Stock Exchange market maker and, ultimately, the team captain. Howard also became a top revenue producer, had direct oversight of ten stocks with a daily trading volume of five million shares, achieved top producer ranking for generating over three million dollars in annual trading profits and more. 

Some individuals would view Wall Street as the end game. For Howard, however, this experience only propelled him further into the world of business. He went on to begin his own banking firm that specialized in working with Small Caps and Micro-Cap companies. In addition to this career venture, Howard Davner also went on to become CEO of a $100 million lending fund before taking over as CEO of Nerd Focus.

Howard’s extensive business experience has made him an expert in the ins and outs of finance, business practices, brand strategy, risk analysis, and more. On top of these skills, Howard is knowledgeable of financial instruments, market structure, macroeconomic theory, and monetary policy, as well as trading technology and portfolio construction techniques. 

Since June 2020, Howard Davner has embraced his latest business venture as CEO of Beverage USA Holdings, Inc. In this role, Howard controls daily operations while also overseeing the overall branding of the company. Howard’s goal is to create a leading national brand in the functional beverage space. To achieve this goal, he puts a strong emphasis on being a listening agent in the field. Business growth is often best achieved through pursuing continual progress and paying mind to the intricacies of the industry at large. Howard ensures that this passion for business growth is reflected in his daily interactions and is passed down throughout all levels of the organization. 

Prior to entering into New York’s Wall Street work scene, Howard Davner had attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This education helped play a pivotal role in shaping him into the business-minded individual that he is today, although his entrepreneurial spirit stems back to his childhood when he would mow lawns and run a paper route.

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