Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in the beverage industry. There are still many questions about how it can be integrated into the various business models of the industry. But, the beverage industry is taking advantage of it.

The amount of data collected from various sources such as sensors and marketing has increased the scope of the beverage industry’s use of artificial intelligence. 

It is now possible to analyze and use this data to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations. With the help of AI, machines can make decisions independently and identify patterns in the data.

AI Influences Sales

In the future, smart solutions will be widely used for empty container return systems in the POS system. One of the most critical factors that a modern reverse vending machine should consider is the accuracy of its identification process. This is because, to perform correctly, it needs to learn all the details of the bottles and deposits. Through the use of an IoT platform, a modern vending machines can communicate with each other.

In the future, AI will be able to analyze and provide real-time information about the quality and number of returned empty containers. This will allow the machine to draw conclusions based on the data.

AI Creates New Drinks

In an attempt to create the world’s first whiskey that was made using artificial intelligence, the Swedish company Fourkind collaborated with Microsoft and Finnish startup Fourkind. Through the use of AI, the company was able to create a new blend called “Intelligens.” The system was able to analyze existing recipes and customer preferences.

Despite the lack of human expertise, machines can learn about the elements used in previous recipes and the opinions of experts and customers. This will allow them to develop new and innovative drinks. This is very beneficial for the beverage industry as it allows them to create new and improved recipes for different types of beverages.

AI Helping Consumers

Artificial intelligence can also help end consumers’ confusion about the right drink by analyzing their preferences and providing them with the necessary information to make an informed decision. For instance, a digital app developed by Diageo called “What’s Your Whisky?” uses AI to help consumers find their favorite whiskey.

The potential of this new business model is immense as it can help boost the revenue of the beverage industry and provide customers with more personalized service.