The increasing demand for technology is coming from every industry and with good reason. Automation, digitization, and streamlining are all more readily accessible thanks to technology.

The beverage industry is no exception here. Today there are dozens of ways technology has improved the way the industry operates—everything from making the process smoother to maintaining high hygiene standards.

Plastic Alternatives

Believe it or not, the trend of leaning away from single-use plastics affects how companies bottle their products. Manufacturers are finding creative ways to contain their drinks, including many biodegradable and plastic-free options.


Thanks to machine learning and IoT (Internet of Things), automation is becoming much more common. Any digital task that is simple and repetitive can easily be automated, as can many simple physical tasks. This leaves valued employees free to handle the more challenging (and enriching) tasks at hand.

Automation has the added benefit of increasing employee safety. Any time a robotic device replaces the role of a human, the risk of accidents goes down, especially in warehouses and line assemblies.

Voice Technology

It may seem odd to consider voice technology a boon to the beverage industry, but it is true. Voice technology allows for hands-free work, as employees can use voice commands to handle specific tasks. Once again, this comes back around to safety and efficiency, both of which are improved.


Over the years, there has been a rising demand for further transparency from the food and beverage industry. People want to know what they’re eating (or drinking) and frequently will only trust the open and honest companies about their process.

There are several little ways in which technology helps improve a company’s transparency. For starters, having all of their information available on a website certainly helps, as does the availability of customer service, chatbots, social media, and searchability. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the latest digital trends, and it allows companies to have access to software and storage that they otherwise might not have afforded otherwise. Cloud services are available for rent, as opposed to purchasing, and can do everything from storage to automation and everything in between.

Cloud computing is playing a critical role in the beverage industry, especially for those companies that are trying to find innovative solutions to customer concerns. For example, it is helping beverage companies create sugar-free alternatives